Communio Internationalis Benedictinarum

7th International CIB Symposium, Rome 2014

7th International CIB Symposium, Rome,10 – 17 September, 2014



Dr. Maria Pina Scanu    (Friday, 12 September)

Introducing Dr. Scanu

Listen to M Michela introducing Dr Scanu (Italiano)

Listening to God in the Old Testament: Contexts and Ways

Listen to Dr Scanu ‘Listening to God in the OT’ (Italiano)

Listening to the Messiah in the New Testament

Listen to Dr Scanu ‘Listening to the Messiah in the New Testament’ (Italiano)

Sister Aquinata Böckmann    (Saturday, 13 September)

introducing Sister Aquinata

introducing Sister Aquinata

Listen with the Ear of your Heart

Sister Mary John Mananzan   (Sunday, 14 September)

introducing Sr Mary John

introducing Sr Mary John

Listen… with the Ear of our Hearts to the Signs of the Times

Part One: God speaking in the signs of the times, in people, in nature
Part two: Our Response as Religious Women

The Symposium Day by Day

Tuesday, 9 September: optional trip to Monte Cassino

Wednesday, 10 September: First Day of the Symposium

Thursday 11 September: Second Day of the Symposium

Friday 12 September: Third Day of the Symposium

Saturday 13 September: Fourth Day of the Symposium

Sunday 14 September: Fifth Day of the Symposium

Monday 15 September: Sixth Day of the Symposium

Tuesday 16 September: Seventh Day of the Symposium
Pilgrimage to Subiaco

Wednesday 17 September: Final Day of the Symposium

Videos and Photos

VIDEOS (YouTube)

Opening Ritual, Entry Procession

Presentation of Photos from the Regions  (short version)

Presentation of Photos from the Regions  (longer version)

Presentation of Photos from the Symposium


Photos by our official Symposium photographer, Sr Colleen Quinlivan

Photos by San’Anselmo’s official photographer, Br Simon

Photos by Sr Benedict Brown

Photos by Sr Mary Luke Jones

Rapport du Symposium
Sr Thérèse-Marie Dupagne

CIB Symposium Team


Sister Mary Luke Jones from Beech Grove, Indiana, USA


Sister Lumen Gloria Dungca from Italy
Mother Araceli Escurzon, from the Philippines


Sisters Juliann Babcock from Beech Grove, Indiana, USA and Susan Barber from Atchison, Kansas, USA


Sister Mary Jane Vergotz from Erie, Pennsylvania, USA