List of Regions sending Delegates to the C.I.B. Conferences

  1.  Italy and Malta
  2.  Spain and Portugal
  3.  France and Israel
  4.  Great Britain and Ireland
  5.  Benelux:  Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg
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  6.  GASS: Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Scandinavia
  7.  Poland
  8.  Croatia
  9.  USA, Canada (with three delegates)
  10.  ABECCA: (Benedictine-Cistercian Association of the Caribbean and the Andes)
     Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Central America, North America, South America
  11.  Brazil
  12.  Cono-Sur:  Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
  13.  Korea/Japan/Taiwan/Vietnam
  14.  Philippines 
  15.  Oceania
  16.  East Africa
  17.  Central and W.Africa and Madagascar
  18.  South Africa, Namibia
  19.  India, Sri Lanka