First International Symposium, October 1987

The first International Symposium of Benedictine Women took place in the Generalate of the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing in Rome in October 1987 with 40 representatives of Benedictine nuns and sisters. There is a very great variety of Benedictine women’s communities, not just in terms of cultural differences. In addition–as a consequence of historical and canonical factors – their way of life developed in different directions each with a different emphasis, becoming communities of either nuns or sisters. There is no central government for them all. They are each autonomous. However, as the network around our globe has become increasingly closer spun, Benedictine women have come to realise that it is necessary to find new ways of working together. A process ensued, thanks to the courage and confidence of many individual women. Each of them, supported by the Abbot Primate of their time, knew that, if we are willing to accept the challenge as well as the enrichment inherent in a true meeting with each other, the Kingdom of God would indeed win ground amongst us. This was the road that Benedictine women chose in 1987.