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Thursday, 13 September: Seventh Day of the Symposium

Thursday, 13 September
Seventh Day of the Symposium

Morning Session

Before we began out morning session with Terce, Br Simon asked us to congregate at the fishpond for a group photo. He had a sympathetic audience ready to ooh and aah as he climbed onto the (wide) top of the wall for the best shot.

Br Simon’s group photos (Flickr)

After singing our mantra for the last time, and Terce, which was in Italian, we listened to Sœur Christine Conrath speaking about the work of AIM:

A.I.M. Alliance InterMonastères
Sœur Christine Conrath

A Mirror of Monastic Life Today

What are the challenges facing monastic life today?

PowerPoint slides on Flickr (jpg)

Listen to Sr Christine (French and English):–

Sr Christine

After her presentation, Sr Christine received a special round of applause called the ‘financial clap’.

watch the ‘financial clap’ (video on Flickr)

‘Fishbowl Activity’

After the break, it was time for the newer members to come to the front for the ‘Fishbowl Activity’

The newer members came forward to form the inner circle—there was a bit if difficulty getting them all to come to the front! The inner circle then chose a moderator from their group.

Each table had chosen one sister for the outer circle, they came to the front and sat facing the newer sisters.

The question that had been given to the inner circle was:
What challenges with hospitality are we called on to practice towards each other in different CIB regions?

The inner circle then discussed it amongst themselves, the outer circle listened carefully. After 10 to 15 minutes, the inner circle concluded their discussion and the outer circle shared their observations of both content and process. The inner circle sister were then to give comments and reactions about what was said, then the rest of the assembly could add additional comments.

At the end, Sr Judith Ann thanked those who had taken part, and said she felt the future of monastic life was in good hands!

Watch the ‘thank you’ (video on Flickr)

This brought us to the end of the morning session, it was time for Mass, which was in Spanish, with movement at the Offertory by Region 19

Watch the Offertory (Flickr)

Afternoon Session

Theme Setting

After None, it was time to think ahead and make suggestions for a theme for the 2022 symposium. We had a list of the previous themes, and, as we remembered the history of the CIB since 1987, our response was a song!

We made our suggestions, and then the choice was narrowed down to one suggestion per table. This suggestion was written on a piece of coloured paper and all the pieces of paper were read out then brought to the front and laid in any one of the four baskets on the steps.

Putting it all Together

Our facilitators, Sr Pauline and Sr Cecile, then summarised the Symposium.

Thank You’s

Sr Judith Ann then thanked the various groups and various people who had contributed to the success of the Symposium, including the participants.

It was then Sr Judith Ann’s turn to be thanked! First the Admin. Council members then came forward and thanked her, in their own languages, for all she had done for the CIB as moderator, and gave her a gift of Lindt chocolate and a beautiful Benedictine Medallion

Watch part of the admin council thank you (video on Flickr)

Watch facilitators’ thank you (video on Flickr)

The thank you’s concluded with a special blessing for Sr Judith Ann

Watch the blessing (video on Flickr)

Sr Judith Ann then thanked us all, and asked us to pray for her.

The session concluded with various announcements, and more goodbyes and thank you’s—and a invitation to stand up and take a break, but not to go away, it was time for the Closing Ritual!

Closing Ritual

Click here for the Closing Ritual

Cultural Evening

Our traditional Cultural Evening brought out humour and talent from all over the world!

video clips and photos (Flickr)

photos by Br Simon (Flickr)

Final Song:–

Final Song of the Cultural Evening