Communio Internationalis Benedictinarum

Tuesday, 11 September: Sixth Day of the Symposium

Tuesday, 11 September
Sixth Day of the Symposium

Spanish Day

Morning Session

We began, as usual, with our mantra, followed by Terce in Spanish.

Our facilitators reminded us that in our discussions yesterday ‘all the cells of our bodies were really happy to learn that we resonate with one other’s experiences’. They then introduced a dance, the words of which were: ‘Every single cell in my body is well, every single cell in my body is happy’.

watch to the dance (video on Flickr)

Our morning presentation was by M Roberta Peluso de Oliveria:-

M Roberta Peluso de Oliveria

introducing M Roberta

Hospitality to those outside the Monastery

listen to M Roberta (English):–

M Roberta (English)

After the talk, our facilitators reminded us that the Letter to the Hebrews says we should remember always to welcome strangers, some people have entertained angels without knowing them—so M Roberta received and ‘angel clap’

watch the ‘angel clap’ (video on Flickr)

Group Discussion

After the break we had a group discussion with a difference. Here’s the instructions:

  1. What has been your experience in welcoming into your monastery strangers, outcasts of society like: the materially poor, pilgrims, refugees, addicts, those with eroded moral values, and those needing to reform their inner life?
  2. As a group, chose one incident from what has been shared. and act it out through a tableau.

Hidden talent came to light as each group acted out their tableau—most of them included some movement.

Afternoon Session

The afternoon session began with None, then it was M Theodora Ntuli’s turn to address us.

introducing M Theodora

Hospitality to those outside the Monastery

listen to M Theodora (English)

M Theodora (English)

M Theodora received a special round of applause called: ‘the fireworks clapping’.

watch the round of applause (video on Flickr)

Ecumenical Guests

After a stand-up break, our ecumenical guests addressed us:

M Mary Luke Wise from the Anglican Benedictine community at Holy Cross Convent, Costock, England

S Mireille Golliez of the communaute des Diaconesses de Reuilly

listen to M Mary Luke (English):–

M Mary Luke (English)

listen to S Mireille (Français):–

S Mireille (Français)

After their sharing with us, our ecumenical guests received a special blessing.

watch the blessing (video on Flickr)

Visit to the Community of Sant’Egidio

At 5.30 pm a large group set out to visit to the Community of Sant’Egidio—the Community is a worldwide movement of lay people, based on prayer, solidarity, ecumenism, dialogue.

We walked through the narrow, picturesque streets of Trastevere to the Piazza di San Egidio where we were met by a member of the community. On a bench outside their entrance is a bronze sculpture of the ‘Homeless Jesus’ by Canadian sculptor Timothy Schmalzwith.

We began with a talk about the community, its work and its aspirations, simultaneous translation was provided. This was followed by a delicious outdoor buffet-style meal.

We then walked to the Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere where the community celebrate Vespers. Many people come into the magnificent church to join in the service. Again, simultaneous translation was provided. As it was the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Callista Bisek from the American consul in Rome had been invited to the service.

listen to Vespers:–

Vespers at the Basilica di Santa Maria

After Vespers, we were shown around the Community’s premises and delightful enclosed garden, the premises had once been a Carmel.

Soon it was time to leave, and we walked back to San’ Anselmo through Trastevere with its atmosphere of festivity, over the river and back up the hill, it would be an early start the flowing morning for our pilgrimage to Subiaco.