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Wednesday, 12 September: Seventh Day of the Symposium

Wednesday, 12 September
Seventh Day of the Symposium

Pilgrimage to Subiaco

At 7.15 am we congregated outside Sant’Anselmo to walk down the hill to the coaches for our pilgrimage to Subiaco, we prayed Lauds on the coach.

Monastero di Santa Scolastica

photos of Monastero di Santa Scolastica (Flickr)

Our first stop was the monastery of St Scholastica, a bit further down the hill than Santo Speco. We began with a tour of the monastery. We divided into two groups with a guide each. The guide had a microphone and we had brought our headphones and receivers with us so it was easier to hear what was being said (in English).

There were too many of us to fit into the chapel at Santo Speco for Mass, so we celebrated Mass in the chapel at St Scholastica, Fr Edward Lynton, OSB had come with us and presided at the Mass. Fr Edward was formerly at Sant’Anselmo and is now Director of ICTE at the North American College in Rome. During the Mass, we came up by language group to renew our Monastic Profession.

Listen to the Mass (not very clear)

Mass in the chapel at St Scholastica

After Mass we made our way to the restaurant for a sit-down meal. Then, after a break, it was time to go up the hill to Sacro Speco.

Sacro Speco

photos of Sacro Speco (Flickr)

A few of us walked up the hill to Saco Speco, but most of us went by coach. There weren’t many other people around, and we had a most informative guided tour with plenty of opportunity to take photos. Our guide explained that three monks from the community at St Scholastica live at Sacro Speco.

It was getting near to 4 pm when we walked back down the hill to the coaches to return to Sant’Anselmo. We prayed Vespers on the coach and were back in Rome in time for supper.